Logical Town Association again to Siena

Logical Town Association again to Siena
9th February 2015

Clean freight transport is arriving to Siena!

Taxi Merci, local trasport operator, has launched a new urban freight distribution service with a small full electric van called the “Tom Thumb of the goods! ".
The Manager of Taxi Merci, Sergio Ciccioni said: “A major investment for our small company, that makes us different from other operators and that allow us to contribute to the reduction of pollution and traffic congestion caused by freight transport in the Siena historic centre".
In Siena, in fact, as in many other Italian cities, logistics processes are, along with the private traffic, a major cause of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and increased levels of noise contributing to the known negative impacts on life quality and on urban environment. These impacts are particularly high in Siena that is characterized mainly by services and commercial activities, as well as by tourism. In this context hundreds of polluting vehicles access daily to the historic centre to deliver goods.
However, Siena Municipality is looking for the possibility to gradually become more and more sustainable.

The Deputy Mayor Fulvio Mancuso said: “A sustainable approach to the mobility is a step toward a Smart City project. Today we are very pleased to join this initiative that combines zero-emission mobility with a more logic and sustainable approach to freight delivery in the historic center”.

A new period begins- continued Councillor for Traffic and Transport Stefano Maggi - which concerns not only the electric mobility, but also the rationalization of freight delivery in the center, now chaotic and uncoordinated. The “Tom Thumb of goods” is an invitation to enter the city center at with full load, because consolidation is a crucial aspect to improve to rationalize logistics process."
Starting from 2015, an annual prize will be awarded to the citizen and/or the economic activity that will take advantage of the “Tom Thumb”, for the contribution to the reduction of pollutant emissions and to CO2 reductions in the city of Siena. The energy savings and environmental benefits will be quantified by the Logical Town Association which is working with the City Council in promoting models for urban logistics as a way to reduce the environmental and social impact of freight transport in cities.

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